Lesson 57 – The Birth of Christianity, Part I

Reading: Even though the differences in biblical translation of the passages we’re reading this week are not doctrinally significant, I am including both Catholic and Protestant versions in case students have a preference.

Luke 2 (birth and youth of Jesus) [Catholic, Protestant], Matthew 5-7 (teaching of Jesus; Sermon on the Mount) [Catholic, Protestant; in both cases, after reading chapter 5, follow the prompts for chapters 6 and 7 ], Luke 15 (teaching of Jesus; parables) [Catholic, Protestant], Matthew 13:1-35 (why Jesus teaches in parables) [Catholic, Protestant], Matthew 26:14-75 (the betrayal of Jesus) [Catholic, Protestant], Matthew 27 (the trial and crucifixion of Jesus) [Catholic, Protestant], Matthew 28 (the resurrection) [Catholic, Protestant].