When Ron Paul decided to create a homeschool program, he asked Dr. Tom Woods to produce high-school courses in history and government.

These courses give students – and adults – an education they can’t get in any school. In our courses, the political and intellectual tradition of liberty is highlighted, not buried. How many high school students know who Frederic Bastiat or Ludwig von Mises were? How many can defend, or know anything about, the idea of natural rights? How many learn there’s another way to think about government – as something other than a group of wise public servants innocently pursuing the common good?

In Ron’s curriculum, and in these courses, students will get the full story.

And by “students,” we mean adults, too. These courses are eminently suitable for adult enrichment. If you’ve been wanting an education in these topics – if you’ve felt that you really ought to be more knowledgeable about history, philosophy, and economics, or if you want Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Locke, Marx, and Mises to be more than just names to you – here’s a painless way to get it!

Each video lesson is also available in audio alone. The vast bulk of the lessons also include recommended reading assignments, and a suggested writing assignment is included with each week’s material.

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