Lesson 35 – Week 7 Review

Week 7 writing assignment:

Choose one of the two essays about Medea (essays #1 and #2), or answer both of #3 and #4.

1. Euripides wrote this play about the fury of a mistreated foreign woman in 431 BC, just as Athens and its coercive empire wound up fighting Sparta and its allies in the Peloponnesian War. What does the fate of Medea and of those who mistreat and oppress her say to its own time?

2. Can we learn anything from Medea about the Greeks’ attitudes toward foreigners and women?

2. Choose a work of art from ancient Greece (it doesn’t have to be one covered in the video lesson) and do the following: (1) provide the basic background (what it is, when it dates from), (2) identify which period of Greek art it belongs to, (3) explain what that period is known for, and (4) explain how the work you’ve chosen illustrates the characteristics of its period.

3. How does ancient Greek religion resemble or differ from the religion of the Hebrews?